Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Incredible Tale

Although this may be a departure from the regular hobby related material I prefer to post, this is a story I feel I must share for it is, as the title suggests, truly incredible. Not to worry, another hobby article is in the works. But I digress, onto the story.
+++Textwall warning here+++

   I understand that upon reading this story in its entirety, you may feel that it is entirely fabricated. You may even wish it to be so, but I assure you it is not. I have found that when others tell stories, more often than not they leave out details, forget whole parts and make up what they can't remember. This is something I refuse to do, so for every story I have I repeat it with as much detail and accuracy as Humanly possible.
   It was a Saturday night following a day of the usual fair. I had spent the day at the local game store developing a new tabletop board game and socializing with my fellow wargamers. It was a productive day, I had completed the first version of the alpha rules. I returned to my computer to begin digitizing them before the storm I knew was coming hit. It had been humid, the sort of humid that always heralds an excellent lightning show.
   I had only just turned on my computer and started browsing the daily happenings on the Bell of Lost Souls when the power went out. I was surprised by how quickly the storm had come in. The power was off for only a moment, and my desktop automatically started up again as normal requesting whether or not I wanted safe mode or normal. Not wanting my system to come to any harm I turned it off as soon as I could. I didn't want to miss the light show either.
   I sat myself in front of the large window in the living room, getting the best view of the sky as I could. Quite a sight to behold, it was a lightning storm like none I'd ever seen. The bolts were practically non-stop. Each one was almost equally bright with a few really bright ones. I am accustomed to seeing lightning storms where there's one really bright bolt and the proceeding few bolts afterwards are dim, far less impressive than the first. This pattern typically repeats itself until the storm finally passes. But this night, it was bolt after bolt of spectacular lightning. The strangest part about it was the near complete lack of thunder. Seldom did a clap of thunder roll in after any one flash of lightning.
   I paid this no mind. I admit that I am no meteorologist, I do not have a thorough knowledge of how lightning and thunder works. I was simply enjoying the spectacle. It was then that I realized I had not heard a single drop of rain hitting the roof. Although I did appreciate the excellent lightning show, the accompanying sound of raindrops has always been pleasing to me. I waited some time and eventually the rain did come. All of a sudden there was a torrential downpour of heavy raindrops. The rain hit so hard I almost thought it was hail. Being at the edge of tornado alley and experiencing such an unusual storm, I took no chances and shone my LED flashlight out the window to check for hail.
   I make this aside to address anyone who would ask why I had a flashlight with me. The answer of course is that I had turned off all the lights in the house so there would be no light pollution interrupting the lightning show, but I would still need some light to reach the window. The night was pitch black, but the sky was ablaze with lightning.
   Once I had checked that it was not hail at all, I went outside to touch the rain for myself. I like seeing what kind of rain it is, I'm not sure why myself. Sometimes it's lots of small drops falling close together. Other times it's a few very heavy drops spread out. Sometimes the rain seems to linger. Sometimes it rushes to meet the ground. This night, it was a lot of large drops, fairly spread out, rushing towards the ground. I went back to my seat in front of the window and every now and then turned my flashlight on to make sure it didn't suddenly start to hail. Better safe than sorry. The rain came down so hard, drops were splashing into drops before the ground could even soak them up.
   Then it stopped. As quickly as the rain began, it had stopped. This is where the story truly becomes incredible. Had I not seen it for myself, I would not have believed it. I shall try to recreate the events as accurately as possible.
    You must understand, faithful reader, that I reside in the country. There is a lot of land between neighbours out here, distant from the centres of civilization, but not so much that one could not see the ones down the road. This is where we begin. Down that road I saw a large, bright white light. I believed at first that these were the headlights of the neighbour's car, leaving their driveway. This is hardly unusual, I thought nothing of it at first. That is until that light did not move. It did not pull out of anyone's driveway, it did not drive up the road. It sat there. Upon closer inspection I noticed it was not a pair of headlights, but a single, large light and that was all I could see. This was something unusual. There has never been a source of light where it was located. There still isn't even after having written this.
   I then noticed another light. A small, blinking light in the next door neighbour's yard. I thought that it was a firefly, that is until it came closer. It crossed their yard, floated into my own, up the hill and proceeded to pass by the window I was sitting at. It was a small light, one that could fit in the palm of your hand, and looked like a white LED. A very large white LED. It blinked with perfect timing with only a second between flashes. I realized that it would have been impossible to see a firefly so far away, especially with my myopic eyes. All the fireflies I've ever known have been green, and have always blinked in groups.
   This light, whatever it was, floated a foot and a half off the ground, and floated within four feet of where I was sitting. It made no effort to hide itself from me. It seemed to make an effort to make sure that I could not have mistaken it for anything else. It sauntered right past me, blinking away, moving no more than a foot per second. It continued down the other side of the hill and crossed back into the neighbour's yard.
Some good these two were.
   I tried calling for the great furry beast to come to my side; with a strange, floating light outside the window I felt it best to at least have a guard dog with me. He did not move. I rushed over to him, gave him a shake but he would not budge. He laid there, seemingly lethargic. Much use for a guard dog he is. I returned to the window as quickly as I could and saw the light travelling up the driveway on the other side of my house. I ran to a window to see where it had went, but it had vanished. I could not find it again. I waited, watching for a few more minutes to see if it would return, but I knew it would not.

   That is what happened in all the detail I could manage to remember. I must say things like this never happen to me. I didn't feel anything from that floating orb of light. People talk about surreal experiences, but this was definitely not one of them. It was incredible, almost unbelievable, and it just was. I searched for rational and plausible explanations, but what I saw simply did not match any I could think of.
   I cursed myself for not bringing my camera. Although it wouldn't have been much good, it's only a regular camera and it was pitch black outside. After it had happened I retrieved it in hopes that the orb would return. It was just such a perfect sphere of pure light. All I managed was to get some video of some decent lightning bolts as they traced the clouds.
   The hardest part after seeing something like this is who to tell it to. It's not like you could talk about it and not have someone question it. You know what you saw, it's not like you didn't think of these things already. You also can't expect someone who wasn't there to understand either. Something like this has to be seen to be believed and understood. I'm not immediately declaring it was aliens, but I'm sure you thought it too after reading this. All I can say for sure that it did not fit any of the explanations I could think of, and I lack any more information to make any conclusions. So I leave it to you, the few readers who may or may not read such a text wall. Tell me your thoughts and feel free to share any weird occurrences of your own. That's it for now.

 Signing off,

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