Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introduction and Orientation

I’d like to welcome you, reader, whom ever you may be, to the Dark Workshop. This would be my first blog as well as blog post, so I would like to introduce myself as well as the purpose of this blog. I have been modeling and painting Warhammer 40000 miniatures since 2001. I started with Necrons, eventually moved into Space Marines, expanded to Tau, started a few Eldar, and finally an Ork WAAGH! I also have a Necropolis Skeleton army from Reaper Miniature’s Warlord.

    I’m not much of a player however, but I still centre all of my modeling projects around playable army lists. I start with the general idea and image that the makes the army appealing to me, and then expand on its story, its own history, adding what I feel best represents the army through the little details. Infantry is what normally draws me to an army, be they skeletons or super Human warriors. Then come the personal touches that really give the army its character.
   I’ve always worked by the concept that there are the heroes, and then the regular soldiery. Although despite this, I can’t help but give special attention to each and every one of them regardless of status. Even if a Fire Warrior is not a Shas’ui, it still should look as good as one. This is probably one of the many reasons I can never get anything done.

   Well, that covers my philosophy and modeling strategies, now comes the stats. Here are rough points totals for all my various armies, eventually I’ll give final calculations as to everything that I have:
                Necrons: 5000
                Space Marines: 5000
                Tau: 5000
                Eldar: 1000
                Orks: 2000
                Necropolis: 3000 (including the dire drake Kaladrax, skeletal dragon of doom)

   For the Necrons, they are the Vanguard Legion of the Nightbringer, spreading death in its name where ever it is demanded of them.
   For my Space Marines, I have currently completed the Third Company and half of the First Company of my own created chapter, the Void Ravens, second founding Raven Guard (fluff lawyers eat your hearts out).
   For my Tau, they are a city fighting force drawn from the world Fal’shia, granting them access to some of the most current and advanced technologies in the Empire.
   My Eldar hail from the craftworld of Iybraesil, constantly in search of the Crone World’s secrets. I only have a bunch of models that I really liked and wanted to paint, but I can still bring out a small, workable force.
   My Orks were a purely play based list, which was spawned as a direct response to how cool the new plastic Deff Dreads were. I wanted a right proper WAAGH! with boyz aplenty, scavenged war machines and big characters. I run the tribe of Skargor Ironskul, with the recruited help of Big Mek Orkimetheus.
   Last but not least by any means, my less well known army, the Necropolis. I really have no custom made story for these guys, it’s really all drawn from the established books of Warlord. The thing I love most above all others are skeletons. As much as I like robots and androids, like the Trade Federation army from Star Wars, nothing beats skeletons in my book. In terms of coolness, at least.

   If you haven’t guessed already, I’m really into lore and the back stories. That is what really fascinates me more than anything else. I have become known as a Librarian, keeper of the Black Library, because of this. I really only gave a brief overview of who I have. I will eventually go over each and every one of them in more detail in later posts as I get to them, or as requested. Everything I have is always a work of progress, always being reforged and rewritten until finally set in adamantine.
   As well as present my armies and the works I have done for them and are going to do for them, this blog will also feature concept art that I’ve quickly and roughly came up with for ideas I have that I think are cool but will probably never get around to working on. I just might if I can round up the motivation. I might even throw in some of my 3D model work just to mix things up a bit.
   So to summarize, I’m not going to try and compete with other blogs with How To and Make You Think articles, they’re much better at that then I could ever be. I’m here to wave my own banner, show off my own work and I’ll even tell you how I did it for free. I’ll tell you their story and hopefully you’ll be inspired to find your own story. My policy is, ask whatever question you like, you don’t need my permission, you’re just not guaranteed a response.

Signing off,


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