Monday, September 6, 2010

News: The Profile Series

I intend on starting a series of blog posts called “Profile”. In these will include the profile of a character or an army that I’ve created. For the most part however, these will mostly be focused on characters.
   I made a wikia awhile back for just this sort of thing, but here I can be more detailed, rather than just a categorical breakdown of the characters I’ve made. I’ll be including personal information, character quirks and traits, as well as how and why I made them. The Wikia can be found here:

   I created it as the Chapter Librarius for the Void Ravens, where all the battle honours, characters, history, allies and enemies are enshrined. So anyone who wishes to post their own characters or battle stories into the Librarius, feel free to do so. Although, whether it stays or not is left to myself and my editors. Creativity isn’t punishable, but extreme flights of fancy are. I’d like to keep it to Black Library standards, excluding, of course, C.S. Goto.

Any other short news posts will continue with the heading News. They’ll only be updates, and each will be open for questions that I’ll answer.

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