Monday, September 13, 2010

Concept Art: Captain Ingemar

Whenever I start a really intricate project where I have no idea what the end result is going to be, I usually make a couple concept sketches to try and find what works. I often don't spend more than a few minutes on any one particular piece; I usually get distracted by something else soon after I start. That's the problem with having so many interesting things to work on. One day I might just get a full concept piece completed, but until then here are Captain Ingemar's original concept pieces before the final construction, which changed even as I worked on him.
Original Rough Draft

Model Design
Chapter Iconography and Shield Concept
Company Banner

Old WIP Family Photo

Well, that's everything worth seeing. When I take some updated images of the Third Company, I'll post them. Look forward to seeing the Fifth and Eighth Company Captains soon. As long as Skargor's WAAAGH! doesn't get in the way first. Until then!

Signing off


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