Monday, September 27, 2010

Open Forum: Anything Goes

I don't like to post my own personal thoughts that often. If you haven't noticed by looking through my previous and soon to be future posts, you'll notice it tends to be a very clinical breakdown of process and technique. I do prefer a very strict, essay style of writing, but these aren't essays so I allow some informality. So in these few posts that I'll continue calling Open Forum, anything really can go, feel free to ask any questions that wouldn't make sense being asked in other posts. This will be where I'll be more personal, and perhaps reveal a bit of my life.

   It's been quite a while since I last put something up, and I'm still trying to decide what would be a good next post. In the last week, my class and I have been frantically putting together last details and items to finish our final term video game project. Three months of development, a fresh idea right from the start and we built it in three months. I can tell you only that it looks amazing. From my own viewpoint, seeing things I made actually in a game is incredible. The sight of something I created being played through is really something, quite indescribable.
   Not to say that I alone feel this way. I'm sure it's a safe bet that every one of my small team feels the same. Never have I worked with such a group of talented, dedicated and hard working individuals, and the fact that our combined skills and passion has created something that people can actually play and enjoy. Without the efforts of everyone involved, it could not have been achieved. It has truly been an honour working with these great people and I strongly hope that we may continue working together, even though now we have completed our courses.
   I see now why I wanted to be a part of the video game industry. It started with my hobby, making and painting models. I wanted to make these models, and others besides, and bring them to life. Bring them into a world where people may interact with them. I wanted to bring models to life. But working with these people, my team as they are truly thus, I find that this sense of teamwork and the end results of it is an even greater reward than my initial goal. It is something I find difficult to express in anything but writing.
   It is also what I think is great about war gaming and all the hobby associated with it. It is truly the community that has grown with it that truly makes it worth while. There are some times that I sit back and think, what exactly am I doing with this? It is when I think of the shared community of creativity, competition and teamwork involved in making war games and tournaments possible that really gives me the answer. Others have already expressed these thoughts more eloquently than I could, but they are thoughts I wanted to put out there in case I forget. I tend to do that a lot. There's something to say for a hobby where we can relate with complete strangers over paint techniques and half-crazed conversion ideas. Where we all can share a common appreciation for the constructions of others.
   I'm not going to leave you with any questions for you to answer, only what I have thought and presented to you. As I have said, feel free to post any questions or comments. This is a post, like the others of the same nature that will probably come afterward, where everything is open for discussion.

Signing out

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