Monday, November 29, 2010

News: Photo Gallery Established

Today is a glorious day for the Dark Workshop as it has now established a gallery for itself. How it managed to do this I'm not entirely sure, but it demands that I upload more images. I'm sure most of you have eagerly awaited this day to see row upon row of never before seen images. That, or most of you weren't even aware that there was a gallery in the works. Either way there is one now and you may check it out at:
   Unfortunately there's a silly 100 MB upload limit per month, but I like the way Flickr displays the images. But that's okay, I'll make do with what I have. If you are an astute observer, you probably noticed that the images I upload to the blog are only a sampling of all the images I have. A sort of, "made for blog tv," set of images that are a representative of the whole that convey what I want to you, the reader.
   In the photo gallery, I'll be adding every image I have. This includes random shots, Work In Progress shots, Completed shots, and anything else I can find. If there's anything you'd like to see of my collection feel free to ask in the comments below. For anyone who has a gallery that they'd like to share, put a link in the comments, I'd love to see what you've been working on. As always, comments, concerns, questions, flames or feedback are welcome.

Signing out,

+++Special out-of-character Update!!+++
My upload limit has magically increased from 100 MB to 300 MB. There's probably a perfectly logical explanation, but I don't feel like seeking it out. I have to pick which 150 images I want to add this month. It's not as though I couldn't fill that up in a couple hours, but hey, it's 200 more megabytes I didn't have before. No, it's still not making me feel any better about it. Keep on painting!

+++Another Update+++
It appears that Flickr will refuse to display more than the most recent 200 images. This as you can well imagine is a major problem. In order to have all the images viewable, I would have to pay a paltry $25. This as you can well understand, my fellow hobbyists, is a problem as there's not enough money flowing for the hobby, let alone for everyone else who wants a share. So for now, enjoy the first 200 that I have uploaded for I will no longer be using Flickr. I will be looking for a new site to host my images. I really liked Flickr too, it displayed them better than Photobucket, especially since Photobucket often has trouble displaying images at all. The layout is especially bad as far as I'm concerned. So that's the two most used out of the picture, I'll have to do some serious searching. At least Google works fine for free.

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