Saturday, November 20, 2010

Terrain: Crashed Aquila Lander

This is perhaps one of my favourite terrain pieces, its simple design and layout with the high amount of detail and potential making it a really enjoyable set to paint up. I used this as a test for a couple things: I wanted to try out a new combination of paint for the sand and as a test of a colour scheme for broken glass.

   I used Graveyard Earth as the base colour of the sand, heavily drybrushing Kommando Khaki over that. I finished off the sand with a generous application of drybrushed Bleached Bone. This started my fascination with this colour combination. This was painted before the Foundation paints were released, so no Dheneb Stone introduced yet. I'd go on to use this paint scheme to paint up Necron Desert Stone Pillars which I'll probably put up some time soon.

   For the glass, I wanted a shiny blue using white where the cracks in the glass where sculpted in and on the corners. I used Hawk Turquoise as the base, highlighting the edges with Ice Blue and further highlighting with Skull White. I then applied some 'Ardcoat to make the glass shiny, this was also just before Water Effects was released. The end result is okay, but I'm not entirely happy with it.

   As for the use of the actual terrain, a couple pieces of it really adds nice visual interest to a board but it really doesn't affect the flow of play a whole lot. They're really no better than barricades. I find the best use for these pieces is for Planetstrike strategems like Crash and Burn.

   I still have an extra set of these pieces as people seem to like dropping them off on me. Whenever I get a new paint scheme for this set I might just paint it. Have a look at this version and leave some comments, concerns, questions, flames or feedback.
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