Monday, October 25, 2010

Character Profile: Trajan

Just the other week Games Workshop was having their Ultramarines: The Movie week, and naturally they showed off a whole lot of Ultramarines. Hundreds of them. However, I noticed a depressing trend. Most of the Ultramarines weren't even painted with Ultramarines Blue, some only highlighted with it.
   This doesn't come as a surprise to me. I already knew people who paint Ultramarines try to paint them with too dark of blue for some reason. If you want an army with dark blue armour, paint Crimson Fists or Dark Hunters. Use Ultramarines Blue for Ultramarines. My friend was working up an Ultramarines Second Company command squad for a fun project and we were discussing this same topic.

   He wanted to paint his Ultramarines a nice, striking blue. He asked my opinion, and felt that they would look best with a deep, dark blue. So to prove that Ultramarines Blue is the best, I took one of his command veterans and four hours later, painted the whole thing using only Ultramarines blue with Ice Blue highlights and Chaos Black/Water wash.
   I feel that people try to makes things more difficult than it really is for painting Ultramarines. It's like they feel that it needs to be a dark blue with many other blues involved. It seems that they feel that Ultramarines won't look good without dark blue with many layered blue blending or other similarly complex procedures that doesn't involve Ultramarines Blue in any way. Maybe you feel the same, but maybe seeing the results of pure Ultramarines Blue has changed your mind. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Until next time.

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