Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tools: Turn Tracker

Unfortunately, I was a little too enthusiastic on this project and didn't make any design or concept sketches for this one. The idea came to me and I built it. I barely used any real form of measurement beyond, "this looks about right" and cutting away at plasticard. I had all the planning and excitement of an Ork Mek. Regardless, I may just post a design sketch later as an update to this article. For now though, I present the Turn Tracker.
   I find that the most problematic of playing games, in particular Warhammer 40000, keeping track of the turn is a hassle. We all have our own favoured method, whether it's a turn dial, a pair of dice, or some other more arcane method. The problem though is that these either sit flat and out of sight, or get picked up and rolled in a massive attack, or someone has a null field present. To prevent this I designed the Tracker to stand up and out in view, in an attempt to make it easier to notice.
   The turn arrow is a simple clip-on like piece that is just meant to slide along a rail on the back of the Tracker made of 2.0 mm plasticard. The plastic folded in a little in the middle on mine so the arrow gets a little stuck when passing turn 5, were I to make it again I would be more careful in gluing the hold rail on the back.
   Any comments, concerns, questions, flames or feedback, feel free to address them in the comment bar and I may or may not respond, depending on how many xenos are crowding my keyboard. I'll update the article accordingly if there are any significant questions that require greater explanation. That's all for now,
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