Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Character Profile: Blood Angel Terminators part 2

As promised, the last set of Blood Angels Terminators before I 'Ard Coated them and ruined them for photography forever. As before, if anyone wants to know anything specific about these incredibly detailed models, how I painted them or otherwise, leave a comment and I will update this article accordingly. The heavy weapon bearer terminator again was the most fun to paint. All the details on Leon were annoying, but at least not half as bad as Zael.

Brother Goriel

 Brother Noctis

Brother Leon

Part 1: http://darkworkshop.blogspot.com/2010/10/character-profile-blood-angel.html

A fun side note, I have taken up the challenge of painting my entire 1850 point Void Ravens Space Marine force in preparation of a large tournament nearby. It's sometime in November, so time is quickly running out. Whether or not I'll participate is another matter, but that is my goal marker. I'll have to make a call and find out exactly when it is. Current count, I need 9 more Tactical Marines painted, 3 Sergeants converted and painted, 10 Sternguard converted and painted, 3 Vindicators painted, a banner finished, as well as chapter iconography sculpted onto each marine. I've created a press mold for just that task, look forward to seeing the hopefully not too horrific results of that.

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