Sunday, October 10, 2010

Character Profile: Blood Angel Terminators part 1

My friend commissioned me to paint up some of his Space Hulk Terminators. He initially only wanted a quick paint up of them for his battle force, but I couldn't settle for just that. So I compromised and only painted it somewhat detailed. I'll admit, I could have easily spent more time on them if they were my own, but that's not what he was looking for. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my own copy, but at least I've gotten to paint some of them. Here are the first of the painted Terminators:

Sergeant Lorenzo

Brother Omnio

Brother Valencio

Brother Zael

Part 2:

   These Terminators were all obnoxiously detailed, which makes them a pain to paint as much as they are a joy to look at them. Zael was my most hated to paint, although my favourite of all of them. The detail on all the models is overall fantastic, except for the crux that's not completely molded, and other parts where the detail is smeared. Other than these few problems they are fantastic. If there's any part of these that anyone wants to know how I painted, let me know in the comments and I'll update this post according to the question.
   Once the last three are done, I'll post them in part 2. I will also post all of the images of the Terminators as well as everything else I've worked on when I have found a suitable place to start a gallery. It will include Work In Progress shots as well as finished pieces. Look forward to it until then.
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