Sunday, December 19, 2010

Open Forum: New Contract

I said I'd be limiting contracts, and I had been doing so until this weekend when I was presented with a commission that was too interesting to pass up.

   I was presented with two Terminator heroes to build and paint, a Dark Angels Captain and a Dark Angels Chaplain. I honestly don't like Terminators all that much, although I still like the models, especially since they've come out in plastic. But as a Raven Guard successor I don't like the feel of Terminators and so I have not had the chance to make many Terminator models for myself. I have painted a Terminator Chaplain for others, but not one for myself, yet.
   The Terminator Chaplain is one of my favourite models to paint, so getting an offer to paint another one in Dark Angels colours was certainly appealing. Not only that I would get to paint a Deathwing Captain as well, a completely new model for me. Hero models are a personal favourite of mine, so all things considered I couldn't resist. So here are a few shots from the initial stages of production.
   Well, since this is an open forum post everyone is welcome to ask anything or talk about anything. Tell me your favourite model and why. I'll post some images of them when they're done. Until then

Signing out

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