Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bitz Yard: Dark Angels Veterans

So taking a page from Beasts of War, I present my own version of "What's in the Box". I shall call it, The Bitz Yard. I never intended my blog to be a place for reviews, rants, opinions or tutorials, simply gathered inspiration, and that won't be changing with the Bitz Yard. I will simply be showing what uses I can see from various bitz.

   After having just received the Dark Angels Veterans kit from Games Workshop, I was actually very excited by what I saw on it. I saw so many possibilities for the various parts I couldn't resist starting a whole new series of posts. With that established, on to the first sprue.
Tactical Upgrade Sprue
   Right out of the box I found what I call the "Tactical Upgrade Sprue" and is found in every Tactical Marine kit. It contains all sorts of fun bitz from all the special weapons, Mark VIII plastron, melee weapons and even a standard. The special weapons I'm definitely taking to be used on my upcoming Bike army, whereas everything else will eventually find its way onto various models. I always hand pick every individual bit out of a big pile when making my models, and that will be the fate of this sprue as well.
   This part of the first sprue contains weapons and heads. A couple of those heads will definitely be getting used for my chapter's Honour Guard, as for the rest is still uncertain. Depending on how I want my Dark Angel Deathwatch marine to look, I'll have lots of selection. Unfortunately, the Terminator Storm Bolter has nothing special to it beyond having Dark Angels iconography cast onto it. That Space Marine Power Maul might make for an interesting conversion, only requiring that winged sword removed and replaced with something else.
    On the same sprue, there are some nicely decorated power packs. Although some are irredeemably Dark Angels, the three on the left could be converted to be useful for something else, Sternguard or Chaplains. Only minor trimming and filing required. As for the others, one definitely will be used for a Deathwatch marine.
    Still on that same sprue, more weapons and a couple standards. The Terminator Power Sword will work perfectly with one of my Terminator Sergeants. Better still would be for the Terminator Champion when I convert up a Terminator Command Squad just for fun. The Space Marine Power Sword will also make for a nice change from all the standard patterns that come in every Assault Marine kit.
    Lastly for that sprue, Dark Angel variants on Boltguns. A little trimming would make them salvageable for Tactical Marines, or those belt Bolters for Sternguard. Either way, nothing too special here, just fancy versions of standard gear.

    On to the second sprue. Nicely robed Space Marines, perfect for my Honour Guard conversion. I felt there was so much potential with the few robed bodies that I decided to get another DA Vets kit. With those bodies alone I'll be able to make many individual poses for ten Honour Guard. The skulled power pack will be great for my Legion of the Damned Captain conversion, saving me from using up my plastic skulls. I did want the skulls to be looking outward, but I realized the metal LotD marines already had that, so forward facing skull vents will help distinguish the captain. The vials in the top corner I'm thinking about using on my Master of the Apothecary conversion, and that book will be great for a Chaplain or Librarian. The rest are irredeemably Dark Angels. I don't expect much use with them.

   Finally the last part of the sprue. More robed bodies for Honour Guard. Those censers will be great for my Master of Sanctity conversion. File off the broken sword from the Terminator legs and that's another walking set for Assault Terminators. The major fault of Terminators is that their legs are far too static. Only one walking legs for Assault Terminators, I mean really. The new Grey Knight Terminators suffer this too, except their legs are way too spread apart. That's one thing about that kit that's going to need fixing the next time they get redone. But I digress. The winged hooded icon I'm sure I can find a place for, and the heraldic shield with the feather matches my Raven Guard scheme well. The rest of the pauldrons are again irredeemably Dark Angels, and will have little use beyond a Dark Angels Deathwatch marine.

   That concludes the uses I could find from this kit. Many possibilities and exciting uses I feel are in this kit. So much so that I created this post. Now I'll just have to make these models to show you how I intend to make them work. That'll be the fun part. Also, some bonus images since I was testing out the new light box.
Don't forget to post your comments, concerns, questions, flames or feedback.

Signing off,

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