Monday, October 31, 2011

Random: Postcards from EVE Online

For the last couple years, I've played EVE Online on and off. The thing that always kept me coming back was those moments that you can't help but be impressed by the beauty the modellers have put into the game.

   Sometimes the guys over at CCP just don't seem to get enough credit. Practically everyone has heard of World of Warcraft, but ask anyone about EVE and they will most likely give you a confused and inquisitive look. Yet despite this, they still strive to create a massive, immersive and beautiful space playground.
    Over my years of playing in the EVE universe I have taken lots of screen shots in my travels through Amarr, Caldari and Gallente space. The problem with this however is that there really wasn't a point to it beyond just taking the screen shots for fun. So now I present to you my collection of images from EVE that would otherwise remain sitting in folder never being seen by anyone titled: Postcards from EVE.

Sitting around in the Prophecy class battlecruiser
Freighter Undocking from Starbase
The Battleship Brigade
Absolution in the docking bay
Docked Armageddon class battleship

A battleship that has been captured and mutated by rogue AI drones. It's also trying to kill me. It happens.

Apocalypse class battleship trying to eat an asteroid. This is not how mining is done.
I appreciate that scale is always of utmost concern.

   Now to give a rough size comparison of the ships in relation to each other, all docked with the fantastic Amarrian starbase. I'm a true Amarrian character, can't you tell?
Yes, there is a ship there. Frigates are suitably small.
Docked battlecruiser
If you think the battleship is impressive...
...check out the Providence class freighter

    What's really cool is that CCP has finally gotten around to putting in the Captain's Quarters, so your pod pilot can actually walk around inside the starbase, walk to the hanger bay and inspect his ships.

   Another awesome part of EVE was the snowball launcher. That was a clever bit of weaponry and particle effects. I just hope they bring it back. CCP, if you're reading this, please give us more snowballs!
Firing a snowball...
usually ends up resulting with getting hit with one in return.

   Now I'm sure some of you will be wondering, what does this even have to do with wargaming? Honestly, not much, but the pictures are really cool, and that's all that really matters. On a more serious note, what I really like most about EVE are the space structures. I will admit I don't like the look of most of the ships in EVE, but that does make it a lot easier when they do get destroyed. However I do appreciate that CCP really strives to make unique, if sometimes grotesque ships as opposed to more conventional and symmetrical ships that we are used to seeing. With this vast array of odd and interesting looking ships does come a similar amount of starbases and space structures, and this is what can be really useful to us wargamers. I gotta make this all tie in somehow afterall.

The EVE universe utilizes giant catapults called Stargates to move between star systems
This is one of the larger gates I like to call Mega Gates.
This one is my favourite gates that I call a Galactic Gate. This is used to cross from Amarrian empire space to Caldari empire space. It dwarves even the largest of ships.
A space structure complex, Amarrian design.
Another angle of the same complex
Nothing like some space radio
The Pit, for gladiators in spaaaaaace.
   Now if anyone ever decided to start playing Battlefleet Gothic again, I would definitely copy some of the ideas behind these structures to build some nice space terrain. They would certainly add more to the table than simply lots of asteroids or disproportionately small planets. That's all for now, if anyone knows any good terrain pieces that other companies have made for space battles, or things that could be used for space battles, even if you have your own terrain tutorials for space battlefields, feel free to post links in the comments. I'd like to make this a grab bag of ideas for not just Battlefleet Gothic, but Firestorm Armada as well. Until next time!

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