Monday, November 28, 2011

Concept Art: Necron Gauss Arc Lightning Generator

The end date of Beasts of War Necron Concept Art Contest approaches quickly. Having put in considerable amount of thought and consideration into what I believed would be the best possible entry.

   So I decided to go with a Necron artillery piece. New Necron vehicles seemed to be a pretty good theme to go with, and what is really lacking in the codex is some good old fashioned artillery. Of course, there's nothing more old fashioned than super advanced Necron technology. So to start with, I wanted to take elements of the new Necron vehicles and implement them in a that maintained the art style of new Necrons while still appearing mysteriously functional. I also wanted to use some influence from the old Monolith model as well. Once I had established what elements I wanted, I found it was easier to think of what it should look like after writing up a unit profile for it.

Now for the fluff:
 The Gauss Arc Lightning Generator is a massive floating energy core contained within an arcane resonance chamber. It has been witnessed to fire lightning straight up into the sky only for it to arc back down and cause immense destruction upon the enemies of the Necron Dynasties. Those who seek to destroy it up close find themselves in for a deadly surprise as ethereal lightning bursts forth from its metallic ribcage. More often than not, the Gauss Arc Lightning Generator is accompanied by phalanx of Necron Warriors whose weapons seem to attract the devastation that is the generator's sole purpose.

 Gauss Arc Lightning Generator
            Armour                     125 Points
  BS    F    S   R
   4     11  11  11

Unit Type: Vehicle
Wargear: Gauss Arc Lightning Generator, Quantum Shielding
Special Rules: Living Metal

Gauss Arc Lightning Generator: The resonance chamber is tuned to hone in on the residual energy signatures of Necron Warrior's gauss flayer weapons. However the quantum containment field can be dropped so that the generator's power can be unleashed on enemies that stray too close.

The Gauss Arc Lightning Generator has two firing modes. Choose one at the start of its shooting phase and resolve as normal.
                   Range        Str      AP       Type
Focused        48"            8         3          Ord 1, Large Blast, Barrage, Flayer Targeting Protocols
Scattered    Template     6         4          Heavy 1
   Flayer Targeting Protocols: When firing the focused mode, roll 3D6 to determine the scatter distance. If the Gauss Arc Lightning Generator chooses a unit that has already been fired upon by a squad of Necron Warriors this turn, reduce the number of distance scatter dice by the number of individual Necron Warrior squads that have fired on that target unit. For example, if this turn three separate squads of Necron Warriors have fired on the unit the Gauss Arc Lightning Generator is currently shooting at, the large blast marker will not scatter.

   So that's it folks. The only thing I'm really considering changing is making it capable of being in a vehicle squadron, capping it at a maximum of three. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below, if it's cheesy, gimmicky, or under powered. That's it for today.

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