Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Under Construction: Building a Better Warboss

It's time to get the biker boss built and running. With the assembly "instructions" from Forge World being a tad bit vague, I figured a full step by step guide in pictures would be useful for the beginning hobbyist who wants to add this bad boy to his collection.

    Vague is being generous for the little piece of paper that comes with this model. It's nothing more than blurry pictures of the end model. There's an arrow that has no descriptor and apparently the guard piece on the handle bar is the front wheel guard. Either way, the experienced hobbyist will have little trouble putting this guy together, but if you're just starting out and you want your Ork biker mob to be led by a suitably impressive boss, I will take you through the building process and even show you what sub assemblies I make before painting it and doing final assembly.

   The base, it's pretty basic. This will remain separated from the model until it and the model has been painted. Nothing really needs to be done to it.
 The main bike body with dakka guns and steering wheel. Make sure before gluing that the flat part of the bike wheel is facing down where it will eventually be glued to the base. This will save you from having to try and break it off later.

 Rear track wheel assembly. These didn't come perfect, so I held them in boiling water until they softened and I corrected the bends in the pieces.

   The jet engine assembly. I had to drill out the guide holes a bit for the fuel hoses to fit in better.

   Decorative bike teef, handle guard and the left and right dampers. No one knows what these are, where they go or what they're supposed to do. They aren't essential to the model and don't seem to go anywhere, until their place is made known, toss them in the bitz box.

Boss Zhadsnark himself. The saw blade was a pain to trim. I suggest taking your time and slowly clipping away small chunks. Then take an exacto knife and slowly cut away at the rest. The blade bitz are extremely delicate and will break off if too much force is used.

   The trick for this one is to make sure the cables on the right handle bar match up to the cables on the steering shaft. Using that as a point of reference, glue the left handle bar to mirror the right. I left off the front decoration for painting purposes.

   On the bike body, I glued the dakka guns on first. I tried to heat the ammo belts but ended up breaking one in the process. I would not recommend trying to bend these pieces to fit. I trimmed off the tab on the empty ammo belts and glued them in place, then finally glued on the spent shells. Do not glue the foot rests on yet.

   As you can see, the break was clean and is hardly noticeable once it was glued back together and to the bike.

   I decided to glue the track guards onto the chassis but leave the tracks off for painting purposes.

   Pretty self explanatory. The fuel injectors fit quite nicely, some super glue and gentle pressure makes them stick on with no problems. This piece will remain separate for painting purposes.

   I glued on the head and arm but left the saw blade off. For painting purposes.

   I heated up the motor belt in boiling water in order to bend it into a better position so the fit was more snug. This piece I was most worried about snapping, so extra caution was taken when bending it.

   Now it's time to glue the foot rests in place. The trick is that the warboss' butt does not sit flush to the bike seat. The hand has to clip onto the handle bar with the thumb snugly pressed against the dakka guns trigger panel. Now that he's in position, the foot rests can be glued in place.

   After all that work, he should look something like this. I still have no idea what those dampers are for, where they go or if they're even needed for the model. But as you can see he goes together just fine without them. Now off to be painted!

   Speaking of painted, once all the sub assemblies are completed this is that it should look like before it goes to the spray box. You don't have to have so many separate parts to paint him, I simply like to have it in this many because it makes painting that much easier. In this way all the sections are easily accessible by brush or will be similar colours. Only the skull necklace on the warboss will be difficult to paint with the head in the way, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice as I will be going over that area with filler to close the gaps between the head. That's all for today, and as always feel free to leave your comments, questions, concerns, flames and feedback down below.

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