Saturday, June 30, 2012

WIP: A Titanic Weapon

 Hello friends, no the Dark Workshop has not yet collapsed and perished. Take a look within if you don't believe it.

   It certainly has been a quiet month from the Dark Workshop I realize, but not for entirely bad reasons. I'm sure most of you know how it goes, between life and family and visitors, sometimes things just don't get done. Also, I'll admit beta testing a certain game is a contributing factor. When it comes out I don't think there'll be much painting done for awhile, but I'll try to get something finished for the bloggership.

   That said, I did have the sudden urge to experiment with the plasma blastgun and try out how a glow along the barrel would look. After I had completed the first section, I was pretty excited by how it turned out so it immediately had to go onto the blog after it was completed.

   As to how I did it, it was a simple matter of mixing three paints on my tile palette. I painted the whole coil Dark Angels Green and washed it with Nuln Oil. I used Dark Angels Green for the middle dark, and Goblin Green for the absolute middle. I mixed increasing amounts of Dark Angels Green into the Goblin Green to establish the in between greens from absolute middle to middle dark. I think mixed in increasing amounts of Ceramite White into Goblin Green until I reached middle light. I made sure middle light had only trace amounts of Goblin Green, only enough to give it the barest hint of green but still look light.
   Three key colours and two transition colours in between each makes up the entirety of the scheme. Simple enough however the challenge is doing it without messing up. It's best to leave the recesses the washed Dark Angels Green, however if you do mess up, a careful spot application of Nuln Oil will probably fix it.

   There you have it, the effect really pops when viewed from a distance, and from a distance is where a titan is usually viewed. I know someone else has done the same thing using blue and that looks really neat as well. Now on to Sixth Edition! I hope you all are already enjoying the new rulebook even as you read this. We'll see what things we can complain about for the next four or five years. Maybe I'll even do some battle reports for the blog. If there's enough interest I might just be forced into doing some. Either way, try to enjoy the new rulebook a bit before ripping it up in frustration!

Signing off

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