Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween: Fantasy Miniatures

It's ole Hallow's Eve and what better to celebrate it than some fantasy miniatures? Probably a party, but that's not what you're here for. It's been awhile, so let me show you what I've done recently.

     Not too long ago I was approached with some fantasy models that a guy wanted some paint on. Ever the mercenary the sight of gold made me lose reason and accepted, although it came with a catch as these things ever do. He wanted the absolute cheapest and simplest paint level. No extreme techniques or expensive hero level paint job. Just paint and wash.
   Of course, this pained me to the core as it's much easier for me to lavish time and detail into every miniature, but that's not what he wanted. They only needed to be painted to be playable just had to be better than pre-paints, and I feel I managed to achieve that much. The sight of gold in hand forced me to accept, and here are the results.
   I will admit, the tricks I used to paint them make them look better in person than they do in front of a camera, as macro settings will pick up every single fudge of the paint work. But as my programming professor taught us: "Good, fast, cheap, pick two". So for these, they're fast and cheap. I spent more time trying to find out where these models came from and who they are than I did painting them. The first four come from the Ravenloft Dungeons & Dragons campaign, the other two I'm still not sure, but they're all made of the same soft, bendy plastic. Despite this, the paint still holds on pretty solidly, although I still sealed them after I finished.

Jarlaxle the Drow King of Mecenaries
   Alissa the Human Ranger

 Thorgrim the Dwarf Cleric

 Regis the Halfling Rogue
 Some wizard guy
 Some thief guy

    So that's what my lowest level of painting that I'm willing to offer. If there's any questions on how I painted them, feel free to ask, but most of it is simply a wash or two of different colours over paint. Quick and easy. Until next post, hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween.

Signing off

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