Friday, December 21, 2012

Creatures: End of the World Monster Party

 Another apocalypse has come and gone, this time courtesy of a Mayan calender. Scary stuff isn't it? I hope everyone enjoyed another uneventful end of the world!

    Since we're on the topic of the "end of the world", I'm here to show off some miniature monsters that your heroes may think it's the end of the world to meet in a dark alley. To start, a pair of wraiths that I really had fun playing around with. I wanted to work with a cold palette with black robes, so I started with a light grey paint and glazed with a blue wash, highlighting with a lighter grey drybrush followed by a very faint drybrushing of white.

    Somehow this Bugbear Shaman turned out to be my favourite of the bunch. All this guy took was a mix of some brown, beige and green paints and two different washes applied to different areas of the model. Simple and fast, but the result is really striking.

    The spiders were the worst of the lot. I struggled with how to make them look like spiders, but provide visual interest and definition to them. The legs were what really took away from the model as a whole, since there wasn't much that could be done to them other than a boring old grey highlight. So I took some cues from Half-Life 2 and incorporated the colour scheme from the legs of the fast headcrabs to break up the areas of black. I painted on red near the joints and glazed them with black wash to achieve that speedy crab look.

    I really should have called this article Attack of the Glazes. Used correctly, they can very quickly and relatively easily give great results. Now to set these monsters loose on the heroes! I hope the end of the world wasn't too hard on everyone and we'll be looking forward to the next one. Until then,

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