Monday, December 31, 2012

Terrain: Return of the Giving Tree

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. The Giving Tree has returned this year, let's see what it brought us.

The Giving Tree has managed to escape it's ever-winter dimension to bring havoc and presents to those in the materium, and all it asks for in return is the blood of the fallen. In other words, I took it off the shelf and played a game with it and the rules I wrote for it oh so long ago. We used the Scorched Earth scenario from the Battle Missions book. It uses table quarters deployment as well as the Slash and Burn special rule.

   Before deployment, we roll to see which building is a blazing inferno or just a smouldering ruin. The smoke is so thick that Line of Sight is blocked regardless of which is happening. Now the armies take to the field. Seems I forgot that I took my Battle Wagon box out of my case. The Orks can loot anything, so they make do with a mobile card box.

   The armies advance towards each other. The Looted Boom Wagon clears the way of guardsmen for the Warboss to take out the Eradicator. The Executioner takes out Trukk but the boyz don't care and leap out to charge the foe. Not a bright idea since they're all packing flamers, but it's a WAAAAGH! No time for tactics now!

   With nothing fighting Da Boss, Yarrick and his flamer team jumps up and roasts the entire unit. At least Warboss Mordakka managed to destroy a tank this time around. The Burna Boyz in the Battle Wagon jump out and toast Yarrick and his flamer lads in return.
   The Executioner turns more Boyz into super heated mist and da Mob Boyz charge a flamer team and devastate them in close combat.
   Da Mob was a little too effective, and have left themselves open to being turned to a crisp.
Which they were. The other Guard squad moves into the smouldering building as the Flamer team moves onto the hill. Yarrick gets back up onto to get shot down again. Unfortunately, due to the elevated position in the rocks that the Lootas took, they soon found themselves short for targets, either lost in the smoke or destroyed by surprisingly effective Boom Wagon blasts. Maybe next time I'll take Kommandos.

   Well that's all she wrote. The Orks lost this battle two objectives to one. It's not shown, but there's another mob of Shoota Boyz in the background that got forgotten and held onto an objective at the end. A particularly cocky sergeant managed to blow up the Battle Wagon and the Loota Boyz got shot off the board. Not for the first time do I lament over the lack of effective AV14 killing firepower. But in the end, the Tree got what it came for, so what trinkets will manifest this year?

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