Friday, May 10, 2013

Kickstarter: TJH Models

As much as I like to show off my own ideas and creations, sometimes something really exciting comes along that just has to be shared. This is one of those things.

   Kickstarter has become a great place for new things to invigorate our hobby. Where other means of funding would be impractical or outright impossible, Kickstarter gives exciting, if niche, projects a place to flourish and become reality. For this project in particular, I personally am very excited to see this happen.

   T.J.H. Models has introduced to the Kickstarter scene their own range of magnetized elevated Medium Density Fibre terrain. MDF terrain has become increasingly popular, being a relatively light weight and durable material. T.J.H. Models has taken this to it's natural next evolution, using magnets to connect each section to allow for a multitude of layouts. Check it out for yourself:

   What excites me the most about this particular set is the imagery that it would fit. I can picture this surrounded by tall buildings, pathways connecting them or moving past them. I can just as easily imagine a black, bubbling pit of toxic chemicals or highly combustible material. I could see cargo crates impeding movement and providing cover. Hopefully this is just the beginning. I personally would like to see the addition of walled sections, almost building-like structures to attach to the walkways and platforms, something to give the Infinity players the cover they need.

   But that's not all that's being introduced in this Kickstarter. T.J.H. Models is also offering the same magnetized MDF designs in the shape of interior structures. Useful for creating underground bunkers, interiors of ships, or any other internal structure to lurk through, the same potential for myriad layouts still applies. It also can function as a three dimensional recreation of the interior of certain conglomeration of space vessels adrift in the void, that is, if you're into that sort of thing. See it in action for yourself:

   The only downside of this is for us not in Europe. The weight of MDF will be a deterrent to most of us looking to get our hands on it in the Americas due to shipping costs. But the look and modularity of the pieces make the shipping worth it, and I look forward to getting my own set. I would like to see this get a lot of funding and grow into its full potential. For more information, feel free to check out the Kickstarter:

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